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I love you for casually trashing in a harmony,
moving to the beat with your fingers and your feet,
sitting in your armchair, sending voice mails to some friend of yours
I think you're incredible
And that might seem irrational but you could get some cash, you know,
singing on a stage instead of working for the wage you get
for sitting at the check-out counter, looking desperate for six hours
on your Saturday afternoons

I love you for making me shake and nod my head
when I listen to the track you recorded with your dad
'cause I can just picture you standing in the vocal booth,
the way you place your feet, the way your hands move
you had to get up early to sing at ten o'clock
you're throat is still clogged up and your voice still shot
and you're doing it for no money, just doing it for the fun of it
but isn't that kind of funny cause that's what I make money with
and I didn't even ask for it

I love you for listening to the songs that I send
even though the one got stuck at 98%
the first time you listened to it in the USA
you said your emotions took you away
I think that's flattering 'cause when I say "It's happening"
you're almost always part of or the reason for the magic things
and I don't think you're aware of that
and sometimes that makes me sad
because your grades don't support the message that I have
and your talent is invisible so noone ever asks
Talks about your future make you feel uncomfortable,
so many dumb questions but you are not the only one
I can feel the pressure that is put on you
make a decision what you're gonna do
but you are a singer and I know that you know
and you're gonna end up making music for sure
you're always saying playing the piano is too stressful
but you can sing, just get up there and let go

I love you for who you are and doing what you always do
because it's not an effort, it is just a part of you
and maybe that's the reason why I'm so amazed
that you are not getting any of the praise that I get
and I am undecided if I should tell them that I don't like it
when they don't realize this
but of course that's not what I do
Instead I'm telling you in private
this was the nicest thing you could have done
and you nearly cried while reading this
but I was just telling the truth

Yes, I love you for casually trashing in a harmony
because I always used to only sing the melody
and I guess it was enough for you for me to do it steadily
but frankly, I don't think I did anything
And people just assume but assuming is wrong
and that's the reason I am singing this song
because no matter how far I look back
you were always at least one step ahead
And I made money singing songs I didn't write
even though I was way far behind you vocally
it was totally impossible to achieve the things you could do
And you didn't believe me when I told you that
that summer night when we lay in our bunk beds
I was amazed that you were amazed about my amazement
it was strange

But I love you for thinking and singing things just like me
because sometimes that is just what I need
For us to start, switch, switch again, then stop
awkward silence, we're both smiling just to build it up
again afterwards, you don't know the actual words
you're just singing nonsense you are claiming to have heard
and I don't know the lyrics, either
and whatever I do, your voice always seems cleaner

Yes I love you for sitting in church right next to me
and afterwards you'd tell me you were doubting your abilities
I love you for casually trashing in your harmony
when I'm sitting on your bed singing "Kiss me"


from Peggy Reeder, released September 11, 2016




Peggy Reeder Germany

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